Natzi Book Burning

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The Book Burning of 1933 was a huge event.This event Affected a lot of children 's education.The Natzi’s Burned books that were considered “non-German”.Many Books from many important people in history were burned.The children could have needed the books to understand things they were learning about in school.

The book Burning Was an event that was uninterrupted,They only stopped for a speech given by Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.They sung many songs and burned many books.Many of the authors who wrote the books were jewish.

Artists,Doctors,Writers and many more intelligent figures left Germany Because of the Book Burning.Many of the books were written by the nineteenth century Jewish poet Heinrich Heine.In 1822 Heinrich Heine said
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All over the nation it was named an "Action against the Un-German Spirit" this was meant to “cleanse” “un-german books” by fire.

Not only “Un-German”speaking authors were burned but also American writers such as Ernest Hemmingway, upton sinclair,Theodore Dreiser ,Jack london, John Dos Passos, and Helen Keller were burned.These are some of the types of literature that was banned:the works of traitors, emigrants and authors from foreign countries who believe they can attack and denigrate the new Germany. Germany was now led by a self-educated, high school drop-out named Adolf Hitler, who was strongly “anti-intellectual.” Some students in schools didn 't even know enough to capitalize the first letter in their name.This didn 't bother hitler at all though.He wanted strong young men for war.This was called a “Natzified school system”.
Hitler once said “My program for educating youth is hard,” 34 universities participated in the book burning.The total of books burned was 25,000 books.While the books burned the students gave the “natzi salute”.Two weeks before the book burning American organizations like the American Jewish Congress knew of the planned book burnings and they
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