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Nausicaa Nausicaa , the princess of Phaeacia was being bombarded by suitors. Since she was hard to please, for two years she had been turning down men left and right. Since Nausicaa couldn 't choose a husband, her parents Alcinous and Arete, the king and queen of Phaeacia grew anxious. One night when Nausicaa was asleep the goddess Athene appeared in her dream and told her she had to go to the river the next day. The next day Nausicaa along with her serving girls made their way to the river and bathed their bodies and washed their laundry in the water. While the girls were having fun and tossing a leather ball Ulysses had awoken from his deep sleep. Ulysses spotted the girls and he hid himself, for he was naked and wounded. The leather ball had flown to the area near Ulysses, in which was when Nausicaa had…show more content…
Nausicaa convinced her parents to throw a banquet for Ulysses, their guest. The men of the village sensed that the king disliked Ulysses so they planned to "accidentally" kill him. The men tested Ulysses strength through games, but they realized that Ulysses was a very strong lad for it would be impossible to kill him "accidentally". Nausicaa at the banquet had sung a song about the Trojan war, which included Ulysses and his accomplishments, in which she found out that her guest was the mighty Ulysses. When Ulysses heard Nausicaa singing this he broke out into tears. Alcinous became aware of Ulysses and his stories and granted him one wish. Ulysses wished for a ship that would sail him back home to Ithaca. Alcinous granted his wish and provided Ulysses with goods, a crew, and a vessel. Ulysses made it home, but when the ship was coming back into port after having brought Ulysses home Poseidon woke up from a deep sleep. When he saw this madness in rage he took Athene 's Gorgon head shield and flashed it upon the ship and turned the ship along with the crew aboard into stone and blocked the harbor, in which was told to Alcinous by the
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