Nausikaa Odysseus Relationship

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In The Odyssey, Odysseus’ encounter with Nausikaa externally represents Odysseus’ calculated way of thinking and humble character when he asks for help from others. Odysseus is fully aware of his actions and makes sure that his actions yield the results that he desires. On page 103, lines 152-159, it states, “ And Odysseus came, debating inwardly what he should do: embrace this beauty’s knees in supplication? Or stand apart, and, using honeyed speech… In his swift reckoning, he thought it best to trust in words to please her… he might anger the girl, touching her knees.” Odysseus is shown to be very careful not to upset Nausikaa. He comes up with various ways of approaching the princess, making sure that he doesn’t give a bad impression. Based on his actions and the way he decided to get near Nausikaa, it is evident that Odysseus is a calculated thinker. Next, Odysseus’ actions display his humble character. On page 105, lines 232 - 234, it states, “‘ Maids,’ he said, ‘keep away a little; let me wash the brine from my own back, and rub on plenty of oil. It is long since my anointing. I take no bath, however, where you can see me - naked before young girls with pretty braids.’” The maids’ jobs were to wash Odysseus’ back, however, Odysseus decided to relieve them of that task and…show more content…
An epic hero is clever and receives help from others. It has been stated before that Odysseus is a calculated thinker, showing that he is clever enough to understand the steps he has to take in order to gain beneficial outcomes. It is shown in the book that Nausikaa and her maids provide Odysseus with clothes, food, and a place to rest. The help that Odysseus receives from the princess is an example of how Odysseus is constantly helped by those around him, which is a characteristic of an epic hero. The calculated way of thinking, humility, and help received from others is what makes Odysseus fit to be a
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