Navajo Conflicts

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First, the Spanish and the Navajo got into a conflict, but that put an impact on New Mexico History. It all started when the Navajo moved to where the Pueblo lived. It was easier to adapt to the new environment, because the Pueblo had already lived their for over one thousand years. In the time frame the Pueblo had learned how to farm on dry, rocky, desert land. They knew how to go crops with a small portion of water. They were able to flourish corn, beans, squash, melons, and other foods. The Navajo could soon adapt, because their neighbors taught them how to survive and prosper. When the Navajo lived in Canada they had to travel on sled to spot food. In the American Southwest they learned how to farm and grow food, they were no longer a…show more content…
After the Navajo had moved Southwest another group of newcomers came from Spain. They were either explorers, soldiers, businessmen, missionaries, and settlers. The explorers came to find new land, though the land was the Navajo home. The soldiers came to protect, they didn’t know the Navajo were living their. The Navajo could easily attack the Spanish, with no question. The business men were the people that made the transactions, the people to trade with. The missionaries were sent from Spain, to teach others about their christ (what they believe). The Spanish tend to study or practice the religion Roman Catholicism. The settler were the people that would stay behind. Stay at that one place, if the soldiers had to back to Spain. So, if they found land they wanted and nobody had it they would stay, meanwhile the others would tell the King and Queen. Thirdly, the Spanish and the Navajo wouldn’t even have met if the Spanish didn’t explore. It is known that the Spanish found or explored the land of the Navajo. The Spanish were looking for land and riches. Meanwhile the others were doing their jobs. The Navajo had just taken over the Pueblos old land, and that’s when the Spanish became their new neighbors. The Spanish didn’t have an exact idea of what they were looking for just good land, that could get them riches to live off of. The Navajo didn’t seem to mind that they just moved in right next
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