Navajo Long Walk Research Paper

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The long walk of the Navajo’s was the forced relocation of the Navajo nation in 1863 to 64. The reason for the forced relocation was to the deterioration of U.S. Native relations in the west as well as the continuing expansion into the west. More than 200 Navajos died in the march from exposure, starvation, and disease. The march was led by U.S. Army Cpt. Kit Carson, the local commander in New Mexico and hero of The Battle of Glorieda Pass. The relocation was soon after viewed as a catastrophic failure, and The Navajos where than returned to their native lands by the Treaty of 1868. 3.The Trail of Tears was an unfortunate event that helped pave the way for American expansion. The Cherokee Trail of Tears did not solely comprise of Cherokee Native Americans, but many of the…show more content…
The numbers of dead far exceeded that of the Navajo Long Walk.The deportation and removal of the Native Americans became possible because of the 1830 Indian Removal Act and the official sanctioning of the removal. This freed up a lot of land and allowed it to be used for various industrial or agricultural
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