Navajo Man Rush River

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There once was a three way relationship between the Rush the River, Elevated the Land, and the Navajo Man. For a very long time, these three lived in harmony, all in the area of Arizona. Today, these three still are there, but are very different from what they once were. In the beginning, the triunity of forces were all intertwined. The Navajo drank the river’s water and slept on the land. The land soaked up the river’s water and bore man’s crops. And the land give river room to rush and man kept the river from overflowing its banks. All of these balances kept the cycle of harmony from breaking, which would disturb the peace. For a while this cycle worked, until over time the river’s forces became too strong for the land to bear. The river had started to break…show more content…
She knew that she had been eroding Elevated. The Navajo Man slowly began to walk away. He knew it was his fault, that the land had been lighter because he used it’s dirt to make his mountains. “Where are you going? We need to figure out a solution to my problem!” Elevated said. “Away from you all!” The Navajo Man said.He began to sprint, his empire was near. But the land was quicker. The land shook in anger, causing cracks in the ground and collapsed the Navajo’s empire. It made a deep divide between the land itself up to a mile deep and 18 miles wide. With nowhere else to go, Navajo Man walked reluctantly back to help the land with his problem. “It was I who took your dirt. I was jealous of the river’s special treatment. How she dug you deeper.” “WHAT?!” The land screamed. All were silent. River was so embarrassed that she couldn’t bear to speak. The river didn’t mean to erode the land, she couldn’t help it. Since then, there was not a noise in the area. An area once full of life and creatures in harmony, turned into a barren, silent place. These three forces, all great and powerful, did not speak to each other and have not spoken to each other
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