Navajo Technical University Case Study

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Is it really necessary for the Navajo Technical University to take out an athletic fee of $50 for students that do not use the Gym or join in any sports activities? That extra $50 dollars that could be put in the students pocket and use to a much better advantage. They could also use it for gas to travel from their home to campus or use it for the Navajo Nation transit bus. They could also use it for food when they don’t have anything to eats. The school already takes out fees for library, technical fees, and activity fees. This are more than enough for the school to thrive with. Will, there are some student on this campus that don’t use their athletic. They do not join any sports or indulge in any athletic programs. There should be waives that a student should sign for actually saying they would like to join an athletic program or use the weight room. Will, there are times that students’ have to report to the gym to orientations or presentation, maybe that’s why students pay. To the student that should be no reason for the fee to be forced up on the student to pay that $50 collar athletic…show more content…
Like paying a fee that would be lesser then paying a travel fee with the NTU vans that charge so much to pick students up at a given time. Using the Navajo Transit bus seems more cost worthy then taking the NTU van for a semester. Some students do say that the NTU bus is expensive to be riding and waiting all day for it to leave is a hassle. Most students just have one class or so, then have to wait all day just to leave in the evening at five o’clock. Will the up side to staying all day would be to do your work all day and get all your study time in. Then if the student misses the bus it would be up to them to find a way back to where they are headed or just to get to school. This part of the transportation has it pros and cons to the well being of the
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