Naval Advancement In The Civil War Essay

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Historical Investigation Word count overall: 2052 How did naval advancements change the Civil War? Evaluation of sources: For this investigation, the question “How did naval advancements change the Civil War?” will be discussed and the solutions to that question. In American History, the Civil War is considered a big turning point for the people. All throughout the Civil War, many advancements in technology were made. These advancements gave people more jobs, and helped advance the economy as well. The majority of the advancements were made with the naval resources. Earlier in the Civil War, there were only a select few battleships belonging to the Union. As the Civil War progressed, both the Confederate’s and Union put more time and effort into their naval needs. Because they focused on naval needs, the people developed the ironclads, torpedoes, submarines, steam engines, rams, and better overall battleships. In an article written by Roger A. Bailey, it explains how these advancements contributed to the Civil War as a whole. Bailey explains how these advancements already existed, but they were advanced in order to keep up with the war. Bailey also gives many examples of what things were advanced during the Civil War. Bailey also talks about how these advancements play into later wars such as World War I. However, there are only a…show more content…
In order to keep up with constant battles, new technology needed to be invented to help fight the war. In the article “Steel and Steam” by Roger A. Bailey, he gives examples of what exactly was advanced and how it changed the Civil War. The other article by Civil War Academy was titled “Civil War Ships”. In this article, it talks about how Civil War ships in general changed the Civil War. It was generally thought that the navy wasn’t huge during the war. Originally, the South had no navy, while the North had a very small navy that wasn’t very
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