Naval Officer Research Paper

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My reasons for wanting to become a Naval Officer are varied. A desire to prove myself, to serve my country, and to make my family proud. I want to become a Naval Officer because I want to become the best person I can be. I want to lead others, and make them into great leaders in turn. I want to contribute to the best Navy in the world, and commit myself wholeheartedly. Growing up in a heavily military family, with people serving in 4 different branches, the idea of working for the greater good, and serving my country, was not new to me. But me actually joining the military was completely different. My family always thought I would be a teacher, or something similar. When I announced in 11th grade that I was going to join the military, my parents refused. My family, and both sets…show more content…
I have worked hard my entire life to get good grades, and have found ways to balance my academic and personal life. I have a job, am in 5 clubs, have over 200 logged volunteer hours, and have taken 8 AP classes. I am a member of the Stony Point High School Unarmed Drill Team. I have held a leadership position in my high school for all 4 years. In 9th-12th grades, I was Treasurer for the Robotics Team, where I also documented the process of designing, building, and testing the robot. In 10th grade, I co-founded two different clubs at my school, one that I was Vice President of, and one that I have been Treasurer of for 3 years. I am Assistant Director of Student Enrichment in Student Council. I created a Breakfast Program at my school ,where I hand delivered food to 23 students with special needs, and spend time with them during class. I do this for almost every day, and have been injured while doing so. But I healed, and improved at reading signs of aggression. I have learned that not everyone is the same, and that people learn differently. But when they are given an opportunity to do something they love, they will perform
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