Naval Ships Impact

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Metal giants roaming the water in search for prey they stalk and then strike they protect their allies and harm their foes. The Navy is one of the most valued assetsassests in military deployment in any country. The invention of naval ships had an impact on America because it provided transportation of our military over water, it allowed American citizens to know they are safe from attacks on the water, and lastly, it had a huge impact on gaining resources to better our society by controlling the water.
What is the Navy?
The Navy is a form of army defenses by water for countries, The United States Navy is the naval warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven uniformed services of the United States. Examples
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John Paul Jones a very well known commander in the 1700’s and he also became the first well known naval commander in the American Revolutionary War. At the time we kept our water very protected because of the quick transportation the ships had and the ability to deploy the military very quickly not just in the Revolutionary War but in World War I and II as well. Having this ability on our side it was easier for the Navy to control and protect water and also take it. Some of the U.S. Naval ships include Gunboats, which hold only a few people. Aircraft carriers are like floating cities. The Navy can land troops, usually U.S. Marines, on enemy shores by using amphibious assault ships. These vessels resemble small aircraft carriers, but use helicopters to support ground troops. Troops come ashore in LCAC hovercrafts. Amphibious assault ships also carry jets that can take off vertically, like AV-8B…show more content…
The Navy has protected the waters of the United States for a very long time the benefit that the American people had a navy that controlled water so that it could be used as an offense and a defense the ships dating back to the revolutionary war were wooden in the more modern time the ships were being made out of steel which definitely benefited the navy because they had better ships. America was tremendously impacted by the Navy in the mid-1900’s because of technological advancements such as radars and more protected ships unlike wooden ships the newer steel ships would last ten times longer against an
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