Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC)

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Throughout the years of being a part of Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, (NJROTC) one can start to see a trend. From unmotivated Naval Science One cadets to motivated and dedicated Naval Science Three and Four cadets. It’s due to the fact that we have instructors who guide and mentor us, and teach us how to apply the lessons we learn into everyday scenarios. As time passes, you realize that you have become a more involved active citizen in the United States. It’s beneficial because current events have created a spike in debates. In this case, it’s definitely a great thing that NJROTC is affecting the development of being an active citizen for the future. The first thing a cadet learns when they start NJROTC is the program’s mission.…show more content…
It’s not just inside the class that’s important, but it’s also the extracurricular activities outside the class which benefit you as well. Having a staff job has a great affect on improving your leadership skills; it makes you put what you learned during your first two to three years to the test,whether you’re a Platoon Leader or the Administration Officer. Even being a part of some of the teams we offer can help a cadet go a long way. Being involved in NJROTC gives me an advantage because it helps challenge my leadership skills inside and outside the program. It gives a person many leadership challenges. For example, being on a field trip and having to make sure that the people you lead are alright, and that you report back to your leader that your subordinates are okay. As a leader you must always seek self-improvement, set the example, make sound and timely decisions, and seek responsibility and take responsibility. Being a part of NJROTC benefits me because it gives me opportunities to go out and make a difference in my community. Prior to being highly involved in NJROTC I was what you would call an “unmotivated” person. I wasn’t really involved in my community unless I had to be. However, as time passed I acquired a sense of responsibility to help my community out. The “End of Year” report also encourages members of the unit to assist in the community. Some people are involved in the Ambulance Corps, Firehouse, Police Department, Youth Court,etc. When we go to certain community service events, cadets might like that event a lot. For example, a cadet might volunteer at the local thrift store and love the atmosphere. So they’d ask the representative when’s the next event and the cadet might be going back for additional

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