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United States Navy Seals The Navy Seals are an elite special force group that is part of the United States military; they conduct operations in the sea, air, and land. With these missions comes a great deal of physical ability, the ability to ignore the factors of sleep depravation, and mental toughness to perform deadly missions. These men are train for years to conduct mission that our country doesn’t know about to protect our freedoms as Americans. To become one of these elite warriors it takes years of training that will test your mind, and physical capabilities. Once these men graduate their training they will be deployed around the world to capture, or kill terrorist that threaten our way of life in the United States. Seal teams may…show more content…
It is a six-month long course that is in Coronado California, at Navy Special Warfare Center; it’s broken down to 3 phases, which are physical conditioning, diving, and land warfare. One of the most famous parts of BUDS training is hell week; it is on the 3rd week of training, and it is a five an a half day week were candidates get no more than four an a half hours of sleep all week. Many studies have been done on sleep deprivation, and the first study was done on three adults in 1896 experiencing 90 hours of continues wakefulness. The three categories of measurement that scientist use to study sleep depravations are cognitive, motor performances, and mood; effects on mood are the most prevent in studies. This shows us how huge a challenge hell week is to a seal candidate, because with only getting four an a half hours of sleep you could lose your cool with fellow candidates. This test the seal candidate’s ability to overcome this by keeping them up so long. After 36 hours of sleep deprivation studies have shown that males who are 36 cognitive functions are decreased to those of an elderly person. This would make carrying 100 pound logs overhead, paddling boats through high surf, and performing calisthenics very hard, but the men who are able to overcome these challenges, and show us how powerful the idea of mental toughness is. How do…show more content…
What is mental toughness you ask? Here is a proposed definition by Graham Jones in the Journal of Applied Sports Physiology, “an ability to cope with or handle pressure, stress, and adversity an ability to overcome or rebound from failures, and a refusal to quit.” (Jones 1) With this proposed definition we can compare it more to seal training, and real life missions. Every seal has his own way of getting through hard training evolutions of BUDS, but a common method that researches say is people who have high metal toughness are able to do these things. One they keep high positive energy, and two they think of specific ways to have positive attitudes regarding problems that they are facing. Jones suggest that mental toughness is a character trait of, “ high levels of optimism, confidence, self belief, and also self esteem.” (Jones 3) Every man that graduates BUDS has this type of personality to not giving up, keep a positive energy, and have high levels of optimism that they will graduate. Not everyone who goes to BUDS makes it through the training, most people drop out, or are dropped from training. Stew Smith had what it took to graduate BUDS, and he shares some of the stories of training in an article about what BUDS training is

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