Nayantara Sahgal The Day In Shadow Analysis

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Nayantara Sahgal is one of the leading pioneers of Indo-Anglican Literature,the daughter Vijayalakshmi Pandit,is a novelist of politics.She is known as a successful political columnist for different newspapers.Her writing is generally characterized by simplicity and boldness .Sahgal has raised some basic problems pertaining to personal relationship, and her portrayal of politics is just a part of her humanistic concern because it reveals her deep insight into human psyche in all her novels.Sahgal has emphasized the need of understanding the individual existence of others through the exercise of love and freedom. This paper aims at analyzing Sahgal’s portrayal of temperamental incompatibility in marriage leads to marital disharmony in her novel ‘The Day in Shadow.’
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Her superb mastery of the medium of communication enables her to evoke not only the surficial expressions of the ‘outer reality,but also the subtle perceptions of the inner reality in to-day’s India.Her fecund imagination combines with her intellectual resources in transforming her fiction into a faithful vehicle of individual and national sensibility. Sahgal’s literary sensibility achieves a satisfying novelistic quality in producing socially and politically significant fiction. The novel, The Day in Shadow, deals with a protest against the restrictions imposed on women. The novelist, Sahgal portrays the women character in her fictions to strike upward mobility by educating, asserting, and by gaining economic independence themselves, Jasbir Jain observes; “In almost every novel, Nayantara has a central woman character that gradually moves towards an awareness of her emotional needs….” (Bai,K Meera 22).
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