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Located 250 miles south of Peru on a desert plain known as Pampa Colorada, (which means Colored Plain or Red Plain,) lies the mysteries drawings known as the Nazca Lines. What makes these lines so mysterious is that they are centuries old and the complete drawings can only be viewed from the air. What Are the Nazca Lines? The Nazca Lines are a series of enormous drawings consisting of more than three hundred lines and figures which depict a variety of images including geometric shapes, animals, and plants. There 's even one about 850 miles south of Pamapa Colorada that looks like an astronaut which is known as the "Giant of Atacama." Due to the arid high-desert air, these curious drawings have been preserved for centuries. Who Made the Nazca…show more content…
Why would an ancient civilization of people create these works of art that can only be viewed from the sky? There are a few different theories regarding this. One is that these drawings were made for the gods. Another is that the lines point to underground aquifers. German mathematician Maria Reiche devoted her life to studying and mapping out the lines. She believed the ancient lines were a type of sky calendar. Some scientists theorize that at one time, ancient shrines were located in the area of the lines and that people walked the lines as a form of religious rite. A popular theory among UFO enthusiasts is that the lines were made to act as some form of ancient landing strip for alien spacecrafts. It is argued that this is the reason the drawings can only be seen from up in the sky. Nazca Tours For those who wish to experience the mysteries of these ancient lines, there are different companies that offer tours to the Nazca Lines which includes flying over them for a bird 's eye view. Some tours are for the Nazca Lines only, while other include additional stops. Check with a travel agent for additional information. Why the Nazca Lines were created continues to remain a mystery. Were they made as a form of worship for the gods, used as a type of sky calendar, or as messages to ancient aliens? For now, this mystery remains

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