Nazi Base In Antarctica Research Paper

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The conspiracy theory of secret Nazi 's base in Antarctica

What people think of when they hear that there is a secret Nazi 's base in Antarctica? What

people are doing at the location? Why did the Nazi want to build it there if they even did? Who is

in control of Antarctica and makes the decision? What did the base in Antarctica do during the

war? After the war what became of the Nazi base in Antarctica? It is believed the Nazi 's control

and guarded a secret naval base in Antarctica that later the American discovered.

There are all kinds of different people jobs there now? Some of their jobs or careers are

hunters,trappers,different scientific fields, agriculturist and more. There are also many different

divisions of government. There are
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It also gave them a way to be able to do stuff with out the rest of

the enemy 's knowing. Just before the end of the war the Germans sent two submarines with disk

recorders into the Baltic Sea. The two submarines finally reached the mainland and emptied all

the supplies on it. It also provided hardware for the war.

What was taking place in Antarctica after the war ended? The Americans or allies were

getting curious. The allies were on their way over to Antarctica to see what the Germans were

doing when they ran into some German submarines. Some smart agents questioned the German

soldiers about what they were trying to accomplish but did not tell them a for sure answer. Then

the Americans became more curious. So Americans headed into Antarctica with the military to

go and check it out with the command of Admiral Richard .E Byrd. Their exploration of the

unknown military base lasted roughly eight weeks to accomplish

In conclusion The conspiracy theory of the Nazi base in Antarctica is possibly true and

maybe false. In this couple pages I have explained thing to you about the topic and from what I

found it is probably a real place. The naval base in Antarctica is thought to be
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