Nazi Concentration Camps Vs Japanese Internment Camps Essay

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World War II had lots of hard work to be done, and most of it was taken out on Jewish and Japanese people. The Japanese were put into internment camps, and the Jewish people in concentration camps. Not only was it the Jewish people, but people with mental illnesses, disabilities, and people who were homosexual. Anyone who was different was put into concentration camps. Even though they are similar, concentration and internment camps aren’t the same because one was out of fear, the other hatred, ‘actions’ versus ‘reactions’, and the Japanese had opportunities, while the Jewish didn’t.

Nazi concentration camps and Japanese internment camps are not the same thing because Hitler made his camps out of hate, while internment camps were made out of fear. Internment camps were established after the Japanese bombed the U.S. Concentration camps just collected everyone who didn’t fit the idea of a ‘pure’ German. Even though they are similar, the German camps were made before things got bad in the war, and not because the country got bombed. Hitler wanted Germany to be perfect, so he put all Jews in camps or killed. Japanese
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One of our human rights protects us against discrimination. In both cases, the Japanese and Jewish were discriminated against based on their nationality or religion. Hitler put people in camps because they were Jewish, America did the same to people who were of Japanese descent. Another right protects us from torture. There was a lot of torturing in both types of camps. In concentration camps, people were tortured for no reason whatsoever. Yet another right is ‘right to privacy’. For both people, there were communal showers and people (guards) watching them 24/7. These people had absolutely no privacy in camps because they were always being watched somehow. No matter what, you can’t take away people 's human
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