Nazi Concentration Camps Vs Japanese Internment

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District Common Assessment More than six million Jewish people died in concentration camps alone. In internment camps, the only Japanese Americans who died were of natural causes. Japanese Americans were questioned their loyalty, therefore weren’t qualified as official citizens. Jews were hated on for their religion. Leading them to be the target of termination. Nazi concentration camps and Japanese internment camps are not essentially the same thing by reasons people moved, the treatment, and conditions.

Nazi concentration camps and Japanese internment are not essentially the same thing because they were moved out of different reasons. Hitler had hate against the Jewish people. Hitler thought that Jews were causing most of Germany’s
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Japanese Americans got their citizenship taken away. The United States of America propaganda video declares “Japanese Americans homes, work, etc. were taken over for plane landings, oil industries, etc.” Also, Japanese Americans got their basic rights taken away. Pat Morita quotes “Had 5 days to get all of the their belongings figured out.” Jews had a unlivable environment. The Holocaust Document adds that “60,000 Jews in one camps and around piles of dead bodies.” This made the Jews even weaker by knowing that they can die at any moment. In summary, I think that each event was horrible, but Japanese Americans had more freedom in a…show more content…
Both Japanese Americans and Jewish people were relocated, forcing them to move. In an interview with George Takei, he adds “Armed soldiers with guns would take them out of their houses.” Additionally, both victims were thought to be threatening. In the article about concentration camps, it adds “First, these camps were used to jail those who opposed Hitler’s government or were thought to threaten it.” Japanese Americans threatened the loyalty and trust of the U.S. Furthermore, Japanese Americans and Jews were held in camps with security. George Takei quotes “Barb wired camps and gun points.” Concentration camps had no way of escaping because all of the guards and high barb wired surrounding them. Although, both events were taking people’s rights away and relocating them because they are a threat, overall Nazi concentration camps and Japanese internment camps are not essentially the same.

Nazi concentration camps and Japanese internment camps are not essentially the same by the reason for moving the people, the treatment, and conditions of the camps. President Ford’s speech apologized for the relocation of the Japanese Americans, even though that couldn’t change the fact it happened. The Jewish people never got an apology. Through these hard events, millions of people died in concentration camps. Little died in internment camps to natural causes, yet worry
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