Nazi Culture In The Third Reich Essay

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Culture in the Third Reich
National Socialism typified much more than a political movement that has been portrayed since the end of WWII. The Nazi leaders that came to power in January 1933 seeked the political authority to alter or improve the Versailles Treaty, and also wanted to reclaim and expand upon the land they had lost after the loss in World War I. They also found it necessary to manipulate the cultural landscape. They sought to return the country to its more traditional “Germanic” and “Nordic” values, to toll the Jewish, foreign, and degenerate influences that destroyed the German culture. In doing so they sought to shape a racial community which would coordinate with the Nazi ideals.
At the time the Nazi ideals contradicted itself, they were liberal and conservative. They tried to move in the future to get past its roots but at the same time they were trying to redirect themselves to those traditional germanic roots. The Nazi culture consisted at certain times of family, race and Volk. To the Nazi’s this was the highest represtaion of German values. They rejected the ideals of the West. They sought to promote their values. The ones they saw that were right and of the purest form, loyalty, struggle, self sacrifice, and discipline. Those were their virtues. Nazi culture also indicted the
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One of the few to take power in 1933 was a synchronization who completely was tied to the professional and social organizations with Nazi ideology. The arts were being also redacted to the Nazi goals. The Nazi government condemned the Jewish and any other culture organizations to be politically or artistically suspect. On May 10, 1933 Nazi activists and members of the National Socialist German Students Association organized a national book burning ceremony, to burn those books that were seen as “un-German”. They also burned Jewish texts who were written by famous German
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