Nazi Death March Essay

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Nazi Death Marches During WWII, Hitler ordered for all Jews to be taken to work camps, where they were forced to work in with little to no food. Most of the time the Jews would be making stuff for the German army such as, tools or clothing. The Jews had to have a strong spirit, or they would perish. But, towards the end of the war American troops invaded Germany, finding the work camps. Afraid of the American troops finding the work camps; Hitler ordered all work camps to be evacuated to death camps deep in Germany.
Death Marches
Death marches began when enemy forces invaded Germany finding work camps. Hitler didn't want his enemy's finding even more work camps and liberate them, so he decided to get rid of the evidence. The death marches
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Some of the prisoners were taken to the Baltic sea and were shot down by SS guards. Others were put on death marches going to Launberg in Eastern Germany.
Buchenwald Death March
On April 7, 1945, 30,00 prisoners were evacuated on a death march going deep into Germany, no set destination. On April 11 the remaining prisoners alive took control of the camp by using rocks and there numbers to over throw the German guards. American forces came the same day of the revolt.
Dachu Death March
April 26, 1945, 7,000 prisoners were forced on a death march going to Tegernsee. The march lasted 6 days, the march was liberated on April 9th. During those 6 days more than 2,000 prisoners died from either the elements, or were shot by German guards.
Slawa Death March
On January 20, 1945, approximately 1,000 Jewish prisoners were evacuated from Slawa camp in upper Silesia, western Poland, a region annexed to Germany. They were forced to march Southwest, and they went trough other camps adding more women to the group. On May 5, 1945, after covering 800 km the march ended in Vobary. 106 days marching through the bitter cold and snowy, with little to no food. Of the approximately 1,300 women 350 survived.
Budapest Death
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