Nazi Germany Pros And Cons

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Many years ago, there was a dark time called the Holocaust. It was the time when Adolf Hitler was elected as the president of Germany and he started convincing the Germans that the Jews were the ones that were the problem for everything, and if they got rid of them then life would be better for Germany. Hitler started a group he called Nazis. They were soldiers of his that did as he said, such as the many terrible things to Jews, handicapped, aged, sick, and many many more. After the war Nazis were evil people who were mostly taken to trial to be killed, jailed, or released unless they got away to another unknown country ( After the Germans had realized what a horrible thing they were doing, they had a war in which they all wanted the Nazis destroyed. Hundreds of Nazis were taken to trial, and the worst of them were put to death. However some of the Nazis weren’t as lucky as these before the real German police the Germans got hold of some Nazis and took…show more content…
Therefore leaving some only on probation. Around 177 Nazis were tried between 1946 and 1949 and only 97 were convicted and sentenced ( Some of the Nazis that were released or the ones who weren’t tried fled Germany, including the hundreds who came to America. Many of them returned to their jobs they’d left before the war ( Those Nazis involved in the killing received the most severe sentences, but those with a key role in the Holocaust received short prison sentences or no penalty at all. The Holocaust is a huge major part in the world history. About the total number of people that died in the Holocaust are 861,912,000. The population of the world in the 1930’s was about 2 billion. The Holocaust is known as the worst mass murder ever in
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