Nazi Persecution Of Jews

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Q7. I believe that the German people went along with the Nazi policy of persecution for several reasons. For example, the biggest reason being that they were scared of what would happen if they did not go along with the Nazi’s policy against the Jews. In my opinion this had to be one of the biggest driving forces, fear makes us all do things we would not normally do. If I were put in the position of a German citizen at the time I would like to believe that I would be able to stand up and say that what the Nazi’s were doing to the Jews was wrong. However, I am unable to be for certain until I am actually put in that position. As a German citizen, many of them kept quiet and followed orders, they knew if they went against Hitler or the Nazi policy,…show more content…
They knew that if they were to disobey their leader, they would be executed instantly. However, this was not the only reason as to why the German people went along with the Nazi policy of the persecution of the Jews. Another major reason as to why the people went along with the horrid plans was due to the fact that it was what they had learned to do. Adding to this further, the Jews were the scapegoat for every single thing that went wrong, German citizens had become accustomed to blaming Jews in every single situation imaginable. The Jews had been blamed for everyone’s failures. Some Germans even blamed Jews for their country 's defeat in World War I and for its economic problems after that. The Jews had become an easy target for every failure imaginable. Germans blamed Jews for everything due to the fact that Hitler had trained them to do so. Hitler had brainwashed the German citizens into believing the Jews were the problem because they did not fit Hitler’s standard. Hitler went as far as creating scenarios such as fires and then blamed the Jewish people for it. Hitler also spread his ideas through his speeches, Hitler had a gift when it came to giving speeches to people. Hitler used his gift of speech in order to turn the people against the Jews. Another way Hitler placed blame on Jews was through propaganda, he altered their views and thoughts. German citizens were made to believe that all Jews were subhuman and they had to be killed. The Nazi’s aimed to eliminate Gypsies, Poles, Russians, homosexuals, the insane, the disabled, the incurably ill, and mainly the
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