Nazi Totalitarianism

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While we can easily argue that Nazi Germany and Hitler’s rule was a totalitarian regime there were some aspects of the German life that were not controlled by the Nazis and there were some groups who managed to see through the front that Hitler was putting and opposed him.

Education and the German Youth is a big example of indoctrination and the Nazi totalitarian regime as what was taught to the future of Germany was very selective. Teachers who had been teaching throughout the Weimar Republic saw this new method of teaching in a different way than younger people and as such many of them were fired because the Nazi’s feared that they might teach the german youth the old ways which Hitler viewed as a period of weakness and failure. For the children living in Germany at the time of Hitler’s rule, the Nazis were a new and exciting thing and when the Hitler youth was formed children felt like they were a part of something and even enjoyed wearing the uniform. They were also taught to love Hitler which is now seen as a form of indoctrination because you are teaching kids that not liking Hitler is a crime. All textbooks were rewritten to the Nazi Version where children were mostly taught about how and why the aryan race was superior and why the other races were inferior. In Hitler youth children were trained for war and had stage wars which developed aggression to help Germany fight war. The Hitler Youth camps were essentially a camp where they would train the youth how to fight
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