The Ghettos: The Killing Of Jews

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A ghetto had been a place where Jews were kept for a period of time before they were sent off to either concentration camps or death camps. Jews opposed to what Hitler was doing to maintain the country so, they would often try to rebel (Grant 111). This caused Hitler to feel the need to put the Jews in a distinct place. Hitler then ordered Natzis to force Jews in the ghettos the Germans had developed for them, but these ghettos were only supposed to be a temporary (Stewart 97).
Jews were moved to these ghettos in 1935. The first ghetto in Poland was named Warsaw. This was one of the largest ghettos and held four hundred thousand Jews. In 1941, German soldiers were commanded to destroy most of the ghettos because it was part of Hitler’s plan to seize the Jews population. The soldiers would shoot and burn the ghettos to the ground. The last ghetto was destroyed in 1944 and was named Lodz (Ghettos).
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Concentration camps were where most of the killing took place. The liberation was when multiple allying countries came together to rescue the Jewish. The world has learned that the Holocaust was a brutal mass killing of
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