Nazis Solution To The Versailles Treaty

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The Nazis solution to the Versailles Treaty was to reject it. They gained support from Germans by the use of their propaganda by emphasizing the already commonly held fear that if it wasn’t for the Left and their supporters the Communists who overthrow Emperor William II they would have not have lost the Great War. The Nazis also placed blame on the Jewish community with source eight’s imagery of the String-Puller either being Jewish our possibly financing those that sought to control the German people it would only push German fear even further which didn’t really need prodding due to the Great Depression. With Hitler leading the Nazi party and projecting such determination and conviction promising to face the problems that face the German people by reaching out or appealing to the small shopkeepers, craftsman, tradesman essentially the middle class citizen’s men and women as found it source nine and fourteen. In source seven having a Nazi meeting in a heavily communist quarter of Berlin was a show of force and strength along with a willingness to use that force as a propaganda tool advertising that they wouldn’t be intimidated by the communist party and would take the confrontation to them. The use of the S.A. (Sturm Abteilung) or Storm Trooper was also used to display that same power in organization, unity, discipline and pride in them self’s as Germans.…show more content…
The Nazi political propaganda even worked to create Hitler as the “Fuhrer” or Leader and meant to convince the German people of his courage and strength, which appealed to most Germans use to being governed by a strong monarch

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