Nba 2k Informative Speech

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Introduction Victory is yours! Don’t you just love the sound of that? I have played a lot video games, and on many consoles in my short life. People play video games to have fun, make money, pass the time, or just to relax, an forget about what has gone wrong in their day. Some people play games all day without sleeping or eating, that’s how serious it is. I play video games to remove stress and just to have fun, but two are the most fun to play. Theme: favorite video games Game #1: NBA 2k16 Description NBA2k16 is made by Visual Concepts, and 2k sports. It is the 17th instalment of the NBA 2k franchise. It was released on September 29, 2015.The first NBA 2k was released in 2000 and it still carries on today. You can play all sorts of styles
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