Nba Conspiracy Theory

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NBA: The Conspiracy
The Draft has long been a source of conspiracy for the NBA. The 1985 Draft, the first to use a lottery to determine which team got the number one pick is the most notorious. Conspiracy theorists think the NBA rigged the lottery in order to send Patrick Ewing to the struggling New York Knicks. The order of the Draft was determined by a league official pulling cards out of a big, spinning glass bowl. Conspiracy theorists say that the Knicks ' card was marked (with a bent corner), so that it wouldn 't be picked until the end. But why does he keep this so private? Anyone who talks about the NBA in a negative way, players/coaches/officials will be fined for the negativity they speak about the NBA. The players cannot fully
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Next, when the Lakers played the Celtics in 2010 the better team between the two was in fact, the celtics, but fans wondered why the lakers took the win? The Celtics outplayed the Lakers, the Lakers shot 40 percent from the field and 88 percent at the freethrow line. The Celtics shot 32 percent from the field and 67 percent from the freethrow line. This information alone proves that the Lakers were being put on the spot for a reason. Somehow they were being given chances to make sure they would be the ones to win and leave the Celtics in the shadow. In this game the officials took the side of the super star Kobe Bryant, and didn’t call all of the fouling and some of the flagerents that Kobe Bryant did in that game, and the foul’s were as clear as day. The Celtics should have taken the championship but the Lakers swiped it away from them. Not only did this happen in the battle between these two teams, it also happened between the Miami Heat v. the San Antonio Spurs. In particular, it was clear that Miami at that time could beat the Spurs, but some how the Spurs took the win and with that the championship. Miami was clearly the better team with D-Wade, Kris Bosh, and Lebron James, the new BIG three. These three were more athletic, younger, and all three of them were play makers, San Antonios best three players, from the looks of it, were relying on the officials to save them from an embarrassing loss. The officials were on San Antonios side, calling no fouls on them and giving them their chances at the freethrow line. This is the turn out of many other teams as well. The officials play a big part in the NBA and their
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