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JJMUNC III National Basketball Players Association Background Guide Hello Delegates, I’d like to welcome you all to JJMUNC III, and specifically to the National Basketball Players Association. My name is Ishmam Nur and I, along with being your USG of Finance, will serve you as the chair of this committee. I am a rising senior at John Jay High School and have been involved in Model UN since my sophomore year. A little bit about me, along with my interest in foreign affairs, I am also a big fan of basketball, soccer and football. Repping the Lakers, Leicester and the Bengals! When I’m not doing anything academically related, I’m usually writing. I have a big hobby of writing novels and screenplays. I could probably get into a long conversation…show more content…
As it should be. Player safety is the number one priority for the NBA and NBA Players Association. There is no NBA without the best players in the world. We must do our best to ensure that the safety of our players is ensured. However, the league can do much better on this front. We have seen some of our star in recent years suffer major injuries. Unfortunate injuries to some of our league’s brightest, some of which include stars like Derrick Rose, Paul George, Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving and many, many more players. Now of course, injuries are a natural part of sports, but this beckons many questions for the NBA regarding injury policies and prevention. This could bring up some substantial questions such as, “are the players being overworked?” Which can lead to the question, “are there too many NBA games?” Other issues could include the space between the cameramen and the court, or courtside seats and the court, medical staff issues, concussion policies, etc. No stone should be left unturned when it comes to these issues. It is your job as the players to gather any issues you have with the current system in regards to your safety in the

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