Nba Merger Essay

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No two leagues had ever made a merge quite like this until August 5, 1976. On that day the American Basketball League was about to encounter a historic merger with the National Basketball Association. The NBA was in dire need of a team extension and this was the time as the ABA’s time as a league was about to come to a halt. You may be wondering “why would they merge”, well the ABA wasn’t the richest league in the world. The ABA was so poor they couldn’t even afford a TV contract! On the other hand the NBA had all the money you could ever imagine. The ABA might not of been the richest league ever, but it sure was one of the best. The ABA came to life in 1967 hiring the great George Mikan as it’s first…show more content…
Somehow the Nets, Pacers, Spurs, and Nuggets squeaked past going bankrupt because of their success in the league, but for the other ABA it was a very rocky road. Bankruptcy got the best of the ABA itself too, by their last season they couldn’t pay for anything like renovations or even upgrades for anything whatsoever! When the NBA knew that they were running low on money, they wanted to merge right then and there. But the NBA encountered a problem, they couldn’t merge until the 1976 season was up. The explored the world of bankruptcy back then but there is a new kind of ABA now. This new ABA isn 't as extreme as the ABA in the old days but its just as spectacular. People from cities around the United States with a dream to play basketball now have there chance to play the game of basketball at a competitive level. The new kind of ABA consists of teams with players who don’t get payed for playing the game, they simply just play because they love the game almost like the older league but without pay. Teams like the Lions out of Memphis are joining in and picking up players who simply play and love the game of basketball. The league started during the NBA lockout a few years ago with NBA fans waiting, this was their perfect time to go watch some great basketball with some talented young players the game they most certainly
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