Nba Persuasive Speech

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In this world today, every kids dream is to make it out there city, to do something special they truly love, but it seems like it’s something always holding them back from overcoming their dreams. Well the question is what is possibly holding kids back from overcoming the perfect dream, and one of those things is the right to come out of highschool to play in the NBA instead of taking one year of college. Now I 'm not saying you shouldn’t go to college to play college basketball but I believe kids that are highly skilled should be able to go in the NBA without attending college, if they wanted to make the decision. To play basketball on the highest level, it takes hard work, time, and determination to make it in the NBA but a lot of people…show more content…
Now my thing is what’s the odds of getting hurt in college basketball and not being able to play in the NBA? You worked your whole life to be on the top of the world and now you 're going down hill, all because of a injury. That 's my whole point, if you just could have entered the draft straight out of high school, probably none of this never would have happened. Now you’re thinking “all my recruiters are gone” and my chances of living the perfect dream is dead now. The odds of getting injured and not being able to play basketball is a good 50 percent because either you can get hurt and not go through therapy because it’s difficult or don’t give up and come back even stronger. Also, you can lose recognition because what coach wants a player that is injured and has no hope in even coming back, and if the player do feel like they can come back, how mentally and quickly can you come back? One of my favorite basketball players Derrick Rose had so many injuries in the NBA that his home team Chicago Bulls traded him to the New York Knicks because AGAIN who wants a player that gets hurt ALL the time. But Derrick Rose had chances to get himself together although like college and high school players, they more likely have just one shot to prove there point to become a superstar because more likely there is somebody out in the world ready to take your spot. But like all adults say, it’s good to have a backup plan but it’s hard to accept that you can not do what you dreamed of doing
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