Nc State University Research Paper

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Pros and Cons
There are several pros to attending Appalachian State University. First of all App is a great school for social sciences (Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology) which is going to be my intended major. I already have friends who have a house that I could move into and I wouldn’t have to sign the lease. I also love the vibe of the campus; I remember when I had visited over spring break that there was a random drum circle going on in the middle of campus which was pretty cool. I know many people who attend Appalachian. Classroom sizes are generally smaller sized (with an average of 26) which is the size that I have been used to in attending high school and community college. I think this size is optimal because it allows the students
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For instance, a good friend of mine put it (since we both lived in Wake Forest) it’s far enough away to where you can be away from your parents, but close enough to where you can still visit, do laundry, and ask for money. It would even be plausible to live at home while attending NC State and I could save on a plethora of expenses if I could do that. NC State is a great all around and is another fantastic school for Psychology. I know lots of people who go to NC State University. It’s arguable that Raleigh would be more exciting than Boone, since I would be in the middle of a booming metropolis instead a small town with a demographic of college students and old people. A lot of the bands I like to listen to come to Raleigh and Chapel Hill so I would be closer to both of those places. NC State also has an average class size of about 30 students, so this would be optimal for me.
There are also some drawbacks to attending NC State. First off, I don’t like the vibe of the NC State campus nearly as much, it makes me feel like I’m in a busy city as opposed to a college. Second, I don’t think I would have the option to move in with people and not sign a lease (in which I would have the option open to just move back out). Thirdly, I don’t think that I would enjoy living in Raleigh as much as I would enjoy living in
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