Impact Of Entertainment On Society

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Take a moment to imagine a world that is plain. There is no music, no art, or any other form entertainment. So much in the world would be missed. This world would be a dreadful place to live wouldn’t it? That is a world without entertainment. Entertainment has been used as an instrumental tool in society and human development for centuries. Still in society today entertainment has a major impact on the lives of those who observe it. Music and art can be seen as the motivation for many of the accomplishments of the past century. Novels change the mindset of some important figures in the world. Entertainment was created as a way for the world to escape their troubles and go into a world of their own. The world looks to these acts as hope to aspire…show more content…
An art form practiced for centuries has become one of the most important tools known to man. Music can be used motivation to achieve a person achieve a goal they are trying to reach; To perform at a person’s best ability to reach this goal is also a major tool of music; Music can be used to describe an emotion for a person normal words just can’t get across; A bridge that brings people together in celebration or in tragedy. This form of entertainment is one of the oldest, but yet still to this date the most influential in society. Music was created for love and enjoyment, not a tool for destruction. Art such as paintings and drawings have brought some of the most beautiful sights the world has ever seen. Without it this world would just be a dull and gray earth. Those who could not speak their thoughts or emotions, turned to art and changed the world. Art from around the world has been seen influencing people and the way they choose to mold their lives. The very desire for art has been seen throughout history to change major events. Art brings out what’s truly inside of people, and is a way for those who see it to reach deep inside and see their true…show more content…
Although it is very important to believe in the impossible and use our imagination, television helps the viewers come back down and get a dose of reality that the world needs. Television shows real life or realistic fiction to show to the world what the real world is really like. That it is okay to be wacky and fun, or full of drama because that’s simply how life goes. Sometimes people just need to realize this and television helps people come back down to this conclusion. Within televisions, the sports world helps bring the world together. When times are bad, people turn to their favorite sports teams to cheer them up. When people want to get together to celebrate, sports are there to bring them all together. To see these impressive human beings give the common people motivation for their better selves. To strive to be as fit as those football players they love to watch themselves. Television brings the dose of reality that people need, as sports adding to that possibility of incredibleness of this

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