Neal Gabler's Destruction Of Entertainment

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Take a moment to imagine a world that is plain. There is no music, no art, or any other form entertainment. So much in the world would be missed. This world would be a dreadful place to live wouldn’t it? That is a world without entertainment. Entertainment has been used as an instrumental tool in society and human development for centuries. Still in society today entertainment has a major impact on the lives of those who observe it. Music and art can be seen as the motivation for many of the accomplishments of the past century. Novels change the mindset of some important figures in the world. Entertainment was created as a way for the world to escape their troubles and go into a world of their own. The world looks to these acts as hope to aspire the citizens of the world to become better. But some people believe that entertainment such as the ones previously mentioned are toxic to society, and will ultimately lead to society’s destruction. Neal Gabler is one of these people. Gabler’s claim that entertainment is ruining society is misguided based on the simple case of hope. Although there needs to be a fine line between reality and entertainment, both are necessary in society. Human’s need entertainment to take them to the places that reality can not. To escape the clutches of reality when reality becomes too much at once. If these two mix although, then there is no where for those who need it to escape to. Entertainment is meant to motivate those who can lead instead of

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