Neal Shusterman's Unwinding Childhood

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In Neal Shusterman's Unwind, unwinding a child is almost thought of as normal. Unwinding a child is taking the body parts off of a unwanted, troubled, or dead teenagers body and transplanting them to somebody that needs the body parts. The individuals that receive the body parts are known as the " unwinds." People believe that unwinding a child is not murder because the transplanted body parts live on in the unwinds life. Unwinding children first started right after the Heartland War. The bill was fought between people with pro life and pro choice opinions. The law states that you cannot unwind a child until age 13. At the age of thirteen the parents can then decide whether or not they want to " dismantle " their child. Instead…show more content…
The new family is made by law to care for the child. They can decide if they want to unwind the child or not. Storked children are usually associated with purity and thought of as a chore. Most families usually do take care of the child, but usually decides to have them unwound later in life due to disobedience and too much expense. A lot of times when the child is not a problem the family decides to tithe their child. Tithing a child is a higher form of unwinding. Tithing a child is giving 10% of the child to the church. Connor and Risa are two teens waiting to be unwound. Connor was always getting in trouble, and Risa worked for the state but now they are done with her. After fate brings the two together they decide to escape from being unwound. Connor broke free from his parents and was being chased by police on the freeway. Using the chaos of the freeway, he escaped into the woods. Before Connor escaped, he saved a tithe named Lev and then joined up with Risa. Lev was not happy that he was saved from his holy sacrifice so he betrayed Connor and Risa and reported to the police as soon as possible. Luck was on their side and they escaped the police yet again. Along the…show more content…
In order for Connor to get his new hand Roland had to die in the process and I do not agree with that. On page 228 it says " by law, we are required to keep you conscious through the entire procedure." I think this is inhumane. In all I enjoyed this book because it had me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole thing. It made for a good story but if in real life circumstances I wouldn't agree with the act of unwinding. I think the author did a good job with making it realistic but also drama filled. The more you read this story the more you got hooked to it. I would recommend this book to anyone because it makes everyone think about everything. Just the thought of being shipped off to be dismantled scares anyone. The realism of this book is my favorite part. The author did a very good job of making you feel like you are actually living inside of the story and watching Connor and Risa's journey. After you are done reading this story you will be baffled at the amount of thrill in it. If you like a slightly twisted, disturbing story this is the book for
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