Nebraska Football History

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Isaac McCurdy
Mrs. Cox
English 10
29 Aug, 2017
History of Nebraska Football
Go Big Red! Go Big Red! Most Nebraskans know the the chant but how much do they know about Nebraska Football.This paper is going to inform you about The History of Nebraska Football. It is helpful to look at these three main topics, Who Started It, Bob Devaney, and Tom Osborne.

On November 6, 1869, What was set as the first college football game. However, it wasn 't until the 1880s that a rugby player from Yale Walter Camp. Walter Camp, “The Father of American football” first selected an All-America team in 1889. Camp was a former Yale University athlete and football coach and is also credited with the development of play from scrimmage, set plays, and lots of goals.
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Bob Devaney was driving force for the University for 35 years. First, he was a Hall of Fame football coach (1962-1972). Then, as Athletic Director (1967-1993). Finally, Athletic Director Emeritus (1993-1996). He finally retired in 1996 and then pasted away in 1997. Although Devaney has no longer has a presence at Nebraska, but his mark will never be forgotten. He had two national championship seasons in 1970 and 1971, hopefully he will inspire generations of huskers of players and fans for years to come. His knowledge, intensity, and great coaching earned him nation’s outstanding athletic directors. That helped make him a football coaching legend. Devaney’s leadership Nebraska developed one of the nation’s most successful all around athletic program. Devaney started coaching in Lincoln in 1962 after putting up a record of 35-10-5. During his eleven years of a head coach of Nebraska football he had a record of 101-20-2 he had a .829 winning percentage which is amazing. He had a career record of 136-30-7 with a winning percentage of .806. He ranked 11th on the all time list college football greatest coaches list which is six places behind the man he had as his replacement coach Tom Osborne. Bob Devaney is the only coach in NCAA Division-1A history to win five years in a row the AFCA Regional Coach of the Year awards. His teams won around eight Big Eight titles and two national championships
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