Mechanical Neck Pain Research Paper

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Everybody once in their life feel some kind of neck pain. Neck pain is one the potential disabling condition which has a high chance of relapsing. Recent research found that neck pain is one of the top five leading causes for disability (Cohen, 2015). It also found that more than 30% of the global population suffers from this condition. The prevalence of chronic neck pain is similar in developed as well as developing countries with women being affected more than men (Tsang, et al., 2008).

There are many causes of neck pain; some can be listed as trauma (whiplash injury), postural dysfunction, muscle strain, degeneration of cervical spine, and neurological causes
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Conservative management may include pain management, medicines, physiotherapy and acupuncture. Physiotherapy includes therapeutics exercise (isometrics, strengthening, stretching exercise), electrical modalities, Traction, spinal mobilizations and manipulation, patient education. Manual therapy is the preferred treatment of mechanical neck pain by the physiotherapist due to its immediate relief (Carlesso, et al., 2014).

The main objective of this assignment is to check the effectiveness of manual therapy in treatment of mechanical neck pain. To check whether manual therapy is better than the other interventions in use.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is an intervention to treat different conditions with hands. It has been used as an intervention by different professions but nowadays it is legally under the scope of physiotherapy. Historically, manual therapy predates 400 BCE but was first described by Hippocrates (460 – 385 BCE). He describes spinal manipulation (combination of traction and manipulation) to treat scoliosis. With passing centuries manual therapy has been juggled around different professions (shamans, bone setters, osteopaths, chiropractors, physicians, surgeons, physical therapy). It was also been discarded by some professions mainly physicians and surgeons for its higher risks but today, physiotherapists primarily use it to treat musculoskeletal pain (Pettman,
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In earlier days, people who did not have knowledge or skills could also apply manual therapy but nowadays basic knowledge and experience is required to practice manipulation. Clinicians are advised to take patient informed consent if they are applying manipulation especially cervical manipulations (Rushton, et al., 2014) for safe practice.
Mechanical neck pain and manual therapy
Mechanical neck pain and manual therapy has a long history and continuous to play a significant role in the treatment protocols. Manual therapy is thought to work in two major dimensions mechanical and neural. Mechanical meaning stretching of skin, muscle and oscillatory movement in cervical joints or thrust given to these joints. Neural effects meaning stimulation of receptors within the affected tissues. These both process reduces pain, muscle hyperactivity, increased range of motion within the joints (Vernon and Humphreys, 2007).
To treat mechanical neck pain different manual therapy techniques are used. They are Maitland’s techniques, Mulligan techniques (sustained natural apophyseal glides, natural apophyseal glides of cervical spine), high velocity thrust to cervical spine, massage and nerve manipulation (Ali et al.,
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