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"Most neck pain and it's associated upper back pain is often caused by a combination of pain generators, including injury or trauma, spinal fixations/subluxations, degenerative disc or facet disease, bulging, herniated and other disc problems, repetitive use, sleeping wrong, poor posture, and stress." Dr Millar

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Millar Chiropractic Clinics specialize in Neck Pain treatment. We have developed tried and true protocols and treatments. In treating neck pain, experience does matter. And we have successfully treated thousands of patients with everything from a "little crick in the neck" to the worst cervical herniated disc. Call the neck pain specialist, Millar Chiropractic Clinics today
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We would like to present an overview of the basic anatomy involved, the symptoms that may be included, and the tools we use to help us properly diagnose your neck pain problem and determine which factors are causing and contributing to your neck pain. Also, and perhaps most importantly, we will briefly explain some of the things we can do to treat your neck pain and bring you lasting relief.

Very Basic Neck Anatomy: Your neck consists of the first seven vertebrae that make up your spine. These are called the cervical vertebrae, and doctors refer to the first one, which connects to the bottom of your skull, as C1. The segment referred to as C7 is the last of the cervical vertebrae at the bottom of your neck. Below that begins the thoracic vertebrae, which are designated with a 'T' (T1-T12.)

The seven cervical vertebrae normally form a curve, which can sometimes be disrupted due to traumatic injury or other causes. Restoring a proper cervical curve is often an important part of healing, resolving and preventing neck pain
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Muscle spasm and stiffness will very often accompany neck pain. Sometimes the muscle spasm and stiffness are your body's attempt to splint the area and limit range of motion, in an effort to protect the more vulnerable structures. In other cases, muscle spasm and stiffness may be the result of stress or muscle strain. In either case, the muscle spasm and stiffness tend to trigger even more pain and inflammation, resulting in a negative feedback loop which can be difficult to interrupt.

Other symptoms may be present, including pain which radiates into the shoulder, arm, upper back and/or scapula (shoulder blade.) Neck pain that radiates tends to be more complicated to treat, compared to neck pain that is localized to just the neck area. Sometimes pain will begin in the neck, and if the problem is not corrected, the pain may begin to radiate indicating a worsening of the condition. Like most health issues, prevention and early intervention and treatment will usually guarantee the best results.

**This is very important: The symptoms associated with more serious causes of neck pain include arm weakness and arm numbness. If you are experiencing arm weakness and/or arm numbness, please do not wait to have the problem evaluated and treated.

Neck Pain Cause: Neck pain can be caused by something obvious like injuries and trauma – for example, a fall or motor vehicle

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