Necklace Character Analysis

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The short story “Necklace” involves thoughtful exploration of the character “Miss Loisel”, furthermore it talks about her dreams and wishes to be wealthy while being a French middle-class woman. The story describes her as pretty, lively girl who is “unlucky” to be born in a mid-class regular family. Her husband was also a clerk in the department of education. She’s dreaming of a fabulous life she’s not having. Money and wealth seduce Mme Loisel and she is very greedy and delusional. the short story was set in Paris, that magical, glamorous city of lights where just about every other work of 19th century French literature is set. So that 's the where. When 's the when? wed say the 1880s or so, around the time Maupassant wrote it. Granted,…show more content…
She is dissatisfied with her life and appears selfish and vain. For example “ she had no fine dresses, no jewelry, nothing ” the repetition of no and nothing tell us that the narrator’s voice reflects her own belief that he tells us that she doesn’t have anything but in fact she has but she thinks she doesn’t have everything that every other girl has. She is constantly comparing herself when she doesn’t see the poor people on the streets suffering from hunger and no place to sleep except beside garage and on a dirty floor.
She treats her husband very badly (because she doesn’t love him). For example, she doesn’t tell us his name in the story. This tells us that her husband is not important to her and she doesn’t love him. On the other hand, he loves her and will do his best to make her proud. This is shown when he helps her to pay back the loan she had to take out to replace the necklace. He does this by working many, many years to help her instead of buying things for themselves. Also, he thought about her when he got her the invitation to the party she wanted to go to he thought she would happy because he knew that she wanted to go to the party and be with high society people. In response, she “tossed the invitation peevishly onto the table.” This shows us that she is selfish and ungrateful. The husband tries so hard to please her but it’s never
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