The Diamond Necklace Script

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Scene___ At the house of Mathilde and Loisel Loisel (happy and exited): It has been ten years of hard work and now we are done paying everything. And I mean everything, with the rates of usury and the accumulations of the compound interest. I can finally see the future that I planned for us my dear. (Loisel held Mathilde’s hands. Mathilde washing the floor with great swishes of water then he made her stand up) Loisel: Why are you sad my dear? Mathilde (shouting): I’m sad because I look old. I became a woman of impoverished households- strong and hard and rough. I mean look at me. I have a frowsy hair. (Mathilde touches her hair) My skirts are askew and my hands are red (Mathilde showed her hands to her husband) How can you still…show more content…
Forestier: Me? And why is that so? Mathilde: The reason goes long way back. Do you remember that diamond necklace which you lent me to wear at the ministerial ball? Mme. Forestier: Yes, and so? Mathilde: Well, during the party I was having so much fun and because of that I didn’t notice that the necklace was gone until we were home. Mme. Forestier: What do you mean? But how could that be? You brought it back. Mathilde: You see, I brought you back another just like it. And for this we have been working hard for ten years In order for us to pay the money that people lends to us so that we could buy a replacement for your necklace. It was not easy for us, us who had nothing. We had to work harder than what our body could endure.. At last, it is ended and I am very glad. (Mme. Forestier stopped) Mme. Forestier: So, Let me make this clear. You lost the necklace that you borrowed from me and in order to replace it you bought a necklace of diamonds worth 32,000 francs? Mathilde: Yes. You never noticed it, then! They were very alike. (Mathilde smiled with a joy which was proud and naïve at once. Mme. Forestier, strongly moved, took her two hands) Mme. Forestier: Oh, my poor Mathilde! Why, my necklace was paste. It was worth at most five hundred
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