Ned Kelly Is A Villain

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Do you think that Ned Kelly was a hero, villain or victim? Well too bad, your opinion doesn’t matter. He’s a villain for sure. The definition of a villain is a cruelly malicious person, who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime. This completely sums up Ned Kelly. He had a chance to have a good life, but chose to turn to lawlessness. Ned followed the bad influences of his good for nothing friends and family, stole, and had a violent personality.

Ned Kelly’s family had a long criminal record, which he followed from an early age. They were constantly in and out of jail, as was he. Ned was practically raised by a bunch of lawbreaking criminals . Is it any wonder he turned out like this? When Ned Kelly got out of jail he got a job at the sawmill. Not long after that, he turned back to his evil ways. Ned started a business of horse and cattle theft. Once the animal was stolen the gang would change the brand so they were unrecognisable. This shows Ned’s villainous motives. It would be silly to
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At the Glenrowan station, Ned tried to derail the train tracks to send all the innocent police men crashing for doing their duty. At the shoot off of the event Ned put lots of people in danger from the gun fire that was meant for him. Many people got badly wounded and even died. No wonder most people thought he was dreadful. The most brutal and horrific crime that Ned ever committed was the murder of three men. At Stringy Bark Creek Ned purposely set out with the intention to kill three troopers, who were pursuing them for the theft of horse and cattle. Ned shot the men, as they lay on the ground defenceless, he finished them off with many more shots. Many people believe that Ned Kelly was a hero just because he occasionally stood up to the so called “corrupt” police, however, he was unquestionably the most corrupt out of them all, as there is no excuse for killing
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