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Ned Kelly – an under privileged Victim
Ned Kelly – a scandalous, outback bushranger living in poverty with 12 siblings and widowed mother. Ned generated many controversial commentaries from the public due to his indecent behaviour. Some suggest he was a hero for seeking refuge from authority, and some say he was a victim of poverty and family loss. Ned Kelly is undeniably a victim. Ned and siblings were born into poverty for deprived lives. Ned and family were wrongly accused when they guarded a sister, Kate during the time she was sexually assaulted. Ned and gang received public hostility when they did atrocious things although for a genuine purpose which should conclude to an improved reputation. Ned struggled in life however he determined to ensure
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He lived in dreadful poverty without the education and safety he should’ve had. Ned and family were wrongly charged when standing up for people’s rights. Ned gang did bad things for good purposes and should receive an improved reputation. Many people had different opinions but was undoubtedly a victim. An infamous bushranger, who did what he had to do, and died with pride ‘such is life’ (Australia, 2007-2017).

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