Neectar In A Sieve Character Analysis

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Kamala Markandaya is one of the finest and outstanding woman novelists of post independence India ,internationally known as the writer of Nectar in a Sieve. She belongs to both the East and the West . India is the country of her birth and upbringing and England that of her adoption. She lived for some time in a South Indian village and gained the first-hand knowledge of Indian rural life. She was a journalist in India before migrating to London. She married an Englishman and finally settled in England. Thus, she has close acquaintance both with the East and the West. She was awarded the National Association of Independent Schools Award (U.S.A) in 1967, and the Asian Prize in 1974. Joseph Hitrec has called her “One of the Crispestadn most Warmly personal” of Indian Writers. Uma Parameswaran, who has written about Kamala Markandaya’s work wrote:…show more content…
Margaret Parton finds In her work, “ a brilliance and depth outstanding even among India’s current crop of highly talented novelist.” Nectar in a Sieve is Kamala Markandaya’s first published novel. It was first published in 1954,by Messers Putnam & Co.London. It is her most famous novel. It is a powerful novel of rural India. Its greatness becomes apparent from the fact that it has been frequently compared with Pearl S. Buck’s Good Earth, a great “world –book”. The title “Nectar in a sieve” is taken from Coleridge’s famous lines which the novelist has used as the title for her novel of rural India. “Work without hope draws Nectar in a
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