Neely Crenshaw-The Star Football Player

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Retired football player, Lou Holtz, once said, “How you respond to the challenge in the second half will determine what you become after the game, whether you are a winner or a loser.” Metaphorically speaking, Cameron Lane Seawright’s life experienced two extremely contrasting halves. The first half was spent adoring her all-American, like everyone else in Messina. Everyone wanted what Cameron had, Neely Crenshaw- the star football player, especially Screamer (Grisham 183). The second half was ultimately spent heartbroken and determined to alter her path and move on. Cameron’s achievements throughout the continuation of her life made it obvious that she, in fact, won.
Neely broke Cameron’s heart because he simply could not resist the temptations of Screamer (189). It robbed Cameron of nearly ten years of her
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While Cameron’s life was flourishing, Screamer left Messina in hopes of becoming an actress in Hollywood (65). Rather than showing the world her talent, she tried to sleep her way to the top, which hurt her in the long run (66). According to Nat, Cameron’s best friend since Kindergarten, Screamer looks like an aging high-dollar call girl, while Cameron is nothing but class (98). Neely neglected Cameron because Screamer was hot and trot, but fourteen years later all she had become was a thirty-two year old, looking fifty that was fat, ugly, and tired (97, 182-183). Outer beauty, obviously, cannot define a person for who they are. That type of beauty is temporary and easily forgotten, but what is etched in the minds of those willing to truly see beauty is the inner appearance. Cameron’s beauty in high school was held within herself. After school is when her outer beauty was truly revealed, and when Neely realized how beautiful she was inside and out. Cameron, even though she wasn’t competing with Screamer, outdid her in every way; especially when it came to her outward appearance
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