Nefertari Thesis

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Nefertari was one of the most successful pharaohs in written history. She was the most beautiful woman in Egypt, but vain, social, irresponsible, and possessed a devil-may-care attitude. Besides herself, her family was her most precious treasure. Her parents - Pharaoh Aker (victorious) and his wife, Afrikaisi (from the Egyptian hills) - doted on her, and gave her her name, which meant “the most beautiful”. Her siblings - Cheres (god of war) and Bomani (warrior) - honored her, as she was the first-born. She was blissfully happy every day, unaware of anything besides her own world in the palace. But, 5 months after her 15th birthday, there was a raging war which her father, brothers, and even her mother was battling. They lost the war, and only her father returned, very bitter.…show more content…
Only a few days later, Nefertari met the charming Chsisi (secret), and brought him to the palace. Nefertari felt Chsisi understood her and her hardships, but one night, Chsisi murdered her father and robbed her family’s tombs. The last words she ever heard from Chsisi was, “You are weak in this world, and will never be able to protect anybody or anything.” Nefertari locked herself in her rooms for 4 days, each day mourning a member of her family. On the 5th day, she came out to be crowned
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