Negan Character Analysis

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Man, that was heavy.

I mean, I don 't have any words to say. I cried to my mom, running down the stairs with tears flowing down my cheeks as my words jumbled. I guess, it was too much. And I 'm not even exaggerating.

Truly, great casting calls for an even greater portrayal of character. I wouldn 't have guessed that Negan would be like that. I mean, I have heard and read some things about Negan and his whole attitude and all. But I never expected such cruelty. Kudos to Robert Kirkman for making such a cruel and fiendish character. Just like what some say: if you hate that character with all your guts, the actor/creator of that character did a great job. And indeed, they did.

I really don 't know what to say at this point, actually. I
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Especially with the many episodes to come.

Also, RIP to Rick 's dignity, I guess. Don 't get me wrong, I respect Rick Grimes. He is a leader, not one who thinks that he 's higher than everybody else. Not like the Governor and certainly not Negan. Nope, never in a million years. Rick Grimes treats his people as equals. And I respect him tremendously for that. He 's awesome :)

But to see him crumble before Negan, lost and helpless was just simply heartbreaking. It was miserable to watch. It was so sad. And with that effin ' mind game that Negan put him through was awful. It was cruel to make him think to do that to his own son.

Really, my heart goes out to those characters, however fictional they may be. They 're broken, again. And that can 't be fixed.

And Daryl! Hostage, really? Didn 't Negan have enough fun for a day? Really, nice one Kirkman!

However, I loved how Carl was all sassy-sy sass sass with Negan. Like, dude no! Don 't do that. Don 't show attitude to him. Look what happened to
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Oh.. too soon?

Ey, but even though I had written back then that I believed Abe would get Lucilled, I never would 've expected such brutality. It 's just that all signs led to Abe. How his death was overdue and that he should 've been the one to get the arrow in the eye instead of Denise (RIP Denise). But I really liked him and his lines :) They were funny and some were even just random. Cried when he said his last words :( I 'll never get to hear them again.

Also, Glenn 's last words? Too much feels, bro.

Seeing Maggie was too much too. I was afraid she 'd get a miscarriage :( I hope she 'll get stronger from this.

But, yeah. I 'll miss those guys. They were awesome and gave character to the show. They gave life to the show. The people behind TWD are awesome too. The effects were
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