How Do Video Games Affect Global Players

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Abstract: The world nowadays is on the rise of technology, along with the development of electronic entertainment.
Not only that, people, especially children, are responding to this type of entertainment as part of their own life. The paper investigates the effect of one popular thing: video game. The paper examines both negative and positive impacts of video games on global players. In other words, games not only have abilities of relaxing people, impacts on brains’ flexibility and mind’s creativity, but also drain human’s health, causing many situations of addiction and even innovate players become crimes. Besides, there have been many arguments about video games among scientists, journalists and critics for a few decades and lots of researchs
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The main reason is that people can give up the tiredness of daily life by letting their minds flowing in the adventure of the visual gaming world and do whatever they want or even control their dream in their own rooms. In fact, with the development of electronic entertainment, more and more people nowadays tend to contend that game is the best way get over all depressions. “A game is an opportunity to focus our energy, with relentless optimism, at something we’re good at (or getting better at) and enjoy. In other words, gameplay is the direct emotional opposite of depression.” said Jane McGonigal (6). Moreover, video games give a hand in improving brain’s reflexion of human. At University of London and University College London, the researchers recruited 72 volunteers and measured their “cognative flexibility” known as human’s ability to adapt and give multiple ideas to solve various tasks in a short time. They divided volunteers into 2 main groups: 1 team played Starcraft ( a real-time game requiring strategies in the way that players contruct and build their own army to fight others) and another team played Sims which didn’t require much memory or tactics. Both groups had to play 40 hours from 6 to 8 weeks, and as a result, group of people who played Starcrafts were more acurate and quicker in carrying out “cognative flexibility”…show more content…
First of all, Players will be addicted if they spend all of their time on playing. As a media expert and award-winning reseearch scientist, Douglas A. Gentile, Ph. D. has conducted various studies on the gaming subject and has accumulated a large volume of video game addiction statistics and information. His studies pointed out that approximately 9% of 3034 children expressed signs of game addiction, children in study play game average over 20 hours per week. (9) The main reason for game addiction is that online games have no pre-defined ends, the satisfaction of making social connections and the function of rewards based on leveling systems. Those factors resulted in the increase in the frequency of players, in order to compete other challengers and achieve their required ranks and awards. Hence, they keep on playing without concerning time and become the addicted ones. Secondly, Violent images and videos in games can make youngsters copy the same act and from that point, games invisibly plant a seed of crime on player. Scientists have investigated the effect of violent game on people for two decades. During that period, multiple meta-analyses have been carried out. Quantitative reviews since APA’s 2005 Resolution that have focused on the effects of violent video game use have found a direct association between violent video game use and aggressive outcomes (Anderson et al. 2010, Ferguson 2007a,

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