Negative And Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Abstract: The world nowadays is on the rise of technology, along with the development of electronic entertainment.
Not only that, people, especially children, are responding to this type of entertainment as part of their own life. The paper investigates the effect of one popular thing: video game. The paper examines both negative and positive impacts of video games on global players. In other words, games not only have abilities of relaxing people, impacts on brains’ flexibility and mind’s creativity, but also drain human’s health, causing many situations of addiction and even innovate players become crimes. Besides, there have been many arguments about video games among scientists, journalists and critics for a few decades and lots of researchs have been conducted so as to put an end to this debate. The paper concludes that video game is considered as both good sides and bad tool through the results of researchs and statements of famous people, and people should be aware of these effects.
Research paper: “I like video games, but they 're really violent. I 'd like to play a video game where you help the people who were shot in all the other games.” said American comedian Demetri Martin (1). In the recent time, many countries are on their way of developing their own domestic industries, followed by the evolution of entertainment industry including video games. Although it can’t be denied that video games are playing an important role in our daily life for purposes of

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