Negative Aspects Of Education Essay

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Education for All- to what extent is education important for all of us, mainly in this period. Education is important for every being in this world. It is essential to have the knowledge to live in this selfish, fast, and competitive world for food, attire, and shelter. “A world of peace, dignity, justice and, equality depends on many factors; education is central among them.” When we talk about having knowledge being the same thing as education, it is not, there is a difference, and one leads to another. Having knowledge without training is not wrong, because you are getting it through experiences, or any event that occurs, you learn something new. But again when we think about knowledge not everyone has the same environment, bag round, and situations. One can never know if they perceive the right knowledge among the society or circle they belong. It depends on how smartly you would deal with your decisions and anything that happens around you and this takes a lot of time and years of experience to contain the right knowledge within you. Although, you have been taught and told by your parents friends, or other people how to deal with situations, but what if you experienced something you haven’t come across, warned or heard of before. What if you had the education? To help you make the right decision, to be aware of things, be more literate, and refined. The school gives the knowledge of the world around us, provides us with a better,

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