Negative Aspects Of Media Essay

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Negative Aspects Of Media: A major harm that the media has caused in the minds of urban youth is that it has set out a pattern which is held to be sacrosanct. It projects its views in such ways that there is a general feeling among the public that those who do not conform to this pattern are to be treated as ‘country’ and ’not-modern’. In fact, this is a typical Western influence on our young youth and they imitate the West much better than the Western youth themselves. In all our higher learning institutions, in the evenings and on holidays (unless they have some office functions/classes, etc) our girls are seen in public places only in jeans and T shirts, many of them seem to have forgotten the national dress! Due to peer-group pressure students are taking to the latest fashion in trousers and tops, and those who cannot wear such dresses, either because of financial constraints or due to family pressure, often suffer from an inferiority complex. It is most surprising to see how the media is brain-washing people of all ages into believing that the so-called ‘beauty products’ really enhance personal appearance; so much so that it is common nowadays to see advertisements of beauty parlours in our national newspapers. The biggest harm that the media has been…show more content…
In fact, radio was initially considered a kind of disembodied newspaper. Although this idea gave early proponents a useful, familiar way to think about radio, it underestimated radio’s power as a medium. Newspapers had the potential to reach a wide audience, but radio had the potential to reach almost everyone. Neither illiteracy nor even a busy schedule impeded radio’s success—one could now perform an activity and listen to the radio at the same time. This unprecedented reach made radio an instrument of social cohesion as it brought together members of different classes and backgrounds to experience the world as a

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