Negative Aspects Of My Family

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Family is a very broad aspect, I was bought up by my grandparents, Kalala and Akileo I have grown up to be very family orientated, and everything affects family. Everything I say and do has an influence on my kaiga, without their love, support and their hard work I would not be who I am today. Toku kaiga means not only parents and siblings but also my extended family, ancestors who are not here in person. I gained different perspectives from some family members and how their view of Kaiga is affected by different aspects.
My aunty (46) became very emotional and yearned to go back to Tokelau when discussing kaiga. For her growing up in Tokelau, her parents always took in anyone that was in need of help, despite having nothing themselves, family was more community based in a sense, and you did not need to have the same blood to be considered family. Her grandparents being of Samoa descent also, was a blessing for many of the Samoan people who resided in Nukunonu, Tokelau. Kaiga is familiarity, comfort, dependency and love; it didn 't matter whether they came from different villages in Samoa, what mattered was there was another who you could call on in times of need. Her grandparents also adopted and helped raise many children for others (J.Filipo, personal communication, August 23, 2015).

My cousin (20) described kaiga as the people she lives with at any one time, te kaiga who support her achievements and are there to support her in her times of need. To

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