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I have been teaching exam classes such as FCE, IELTS, etcetera for the past four years. Teaching exam classes is unidirectional and multi-faceted, that is why a lot of teachers have questions when starting to prepare learners for exams. Similarly, I found teaching some aspects very confusing. This assignment will focus on making a relevant and interesting course for the learners.
As a learner of exam classes, I found skills more difficult than other tasks due to my previous learning experience as I was never taught how to develop sub-skills, how to focus on key words, etcetera. Learners have similar problems while preparing for exams.
The interest in teaching exam classes is due to the following:
Focusing on learners` weak points.
Making lessons more motivating, enjoyable, relevant.
Providing a course for lower level learners.
Challenging learners to work more effectively.
Balancing testing and teaching.
1.2. Key Issues and Implications on Course Design
Burgess and Head (2005:1) mention that teaching exam classes is somewhat similar to teaching general English classes. However, the former involves aspects including exam format, specific teaching skills or techniques, etcetera.
Teaching exam classes has some advantages such as the same aim
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Exam candidates may have a variety of motivations such as intrinsic (driven by internal rewards), extrinsic (driven by external rewards e.g. money, fame, etcetera.), instrumental (driven by a practical reason e.g. getting a salary, bonus), etcetera. My IELTS adults often lose motivation if the course is long. It is not difficult to persuade learners to do homework and be always ready for the lesson at the beginning, but a long-term course motivation may reduce due to repetition of exam practice, poor results and stress which raise the affective

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