The Role Of Divorce In Children

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INTRODUCTION Divorce is defined by the Oxford Dictionary Online (2016) as “the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body.” In simple terms, it is a legal or official process to end a marriage between two people. Although the term “divorce” has always been seen as taboo in many cultures in the world – notably in India – it is not a word that is unfamiliar to people nowadays. In fact, according to the 2005 to 2014 records of the Demographic Yearbook by United Nation’s Demographics and Social Statistics Division, European countries make up the majority of the world’s top 10 divorced nations with divorce to marriage ratios going all the way up to 71 percent (Demographic Yearbook 2014). Now, it is said that it is commonly…show more content…
Living in different environments will affect the types of behaviours developed by children. As an example, if a child is living in an unhealthy environment (e.g. constant family/marital conflict), the likelihood of the child developing negative behaviours is higher than a child living in a healthy environment. Several researches have shown that children’s behaviours can be associated with marital conflict between their parents (Jenkins et al. 2005; VanderValk et al. 2007). This study is important to the field as it aims to investigate the relationship between how the types of environments a child is raised in can affect the types of behaviours developed by the said child so that solutions/preventive measures/encouragement can be used/taken/given to children who exhibit certain types of behaviours that were influenced by their surroundings. The research on the development of new behavioural changes is limited to the behaviours in children…show more content…
Some parents blame their significant other as the reason why their marriage in breaking down and badmouths them in front of their children. And some parents even place the blame of their deteriorating marriage directly onto the child, telling the child that they are the sole reason why the marriage is not working in the first place (Placing Blame for Your Divorce n.d.). Actions like these encourage and promote the development of negative behavioural changes in children because they learn how to place blame on others and how not to take responsibility for their
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