Negative Benefits Of Social Media

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Social media has radically changed how people interact with one another. It not only allows people to be connected from sunset until sundown, but also allows people to communicate instantaneously no matter the distance. This changing communication affects how companies and brands relate to customers as well. Social media’s efficiency and convenience attract marketers. Well used social media tools range from e-mail, Web Sites, blogs, and video sharing to online communities and social network like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Benefits of social media marketing are increased brand recognition, richer customer experience, and improved customer insights. Social media improves brand recognition and makes it easier for marketers to attract new…show more content…
They can promote customer service level through social media as well. The reason is that social media, like phone calls, is a communication channel. The company’s treatments or actions will be judged or discussed about quickly. These days, smart marketers use social media as an opportunity to advance their brands by taking immediate actions and treating their customers right. For example, a customer addresses the problems about the product on Instagram. How the manager or the marketer reacts to the situation affects the attitude the customers have toward them. Marketers or managers can address comments and build good will by apologizing publicly or recompensing wronged customers. When customers praise the company, the manager can thank and suggest more products. All in all, customers know that the company cares for…show more content…
There are many benefits marketers receive from using social media as a tool. The first benefit is that there is an increase in brand recognition. The second benefit is that customer experiences are enriched. The last benefit is there is an improvement in customer insights. There is an increase in brand recognition when a brand publishes its promotion or an advertisement, the contents are spread out. The more the brand shows itself in the social media, the more both old and new customers are exposed to the products. As more customers get to see the product, they become more accustomed to it. Customer experiences are enriched when the companies get chances to demonstrate service level and improve their relationships with customers through the interactions on social media. Finally, customer insights are improved when managers can see and learn things from customer’s perspective and enhance their businesses. Social media has created positive impacts not only on our lives, but also how businesses interact with their

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